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King of Kite 2014

An other great event took place at Kahuna Surfhouse in Mazotos. The event was held on Saturday 19 of July and Hannah Whitney was the guest judge of the event.

The day started with a slalom race, first the heavy weight and then the light weight. After that women freestyle started and then the mens. It was a tough fight between the men for the podium stands…. The crowd pleaser was Ugur Sayilir and Asta Raginskaite  throwing big airs and old school tricks, Marios Adamou done a huge progress since last year and with some techincal handle passes he managed to get ahead of Ugur which unfortunally for him the judge was stricly counting new school freestyle. Many things happend during the competition, many leashes broke and many kites flew away. The conditions were rough so there were many crashes. Antonis Anthimiades got first place after some new school tricks so the results are:

Mens freestyle

1.Antonis Anthimiades

2.Marios Adamou

3. Ugur Sayilir

Womens freestyle

1. Saffron Hooper

2. Gigi Hooper

3. Asta Raginskaite

Slalom race men lightweigh

1. Christoff Meletiou


3. Christos Elefteriou


1. Stavros Tsitas / Dick Hooper

2. Filippos Sakkalos / James Holland

3. Rob Price / Alex Papoutes

Women Slalom

1. Saffron Hooper

2. Angela Christofi

3. Andri Marcou

Crowd Pleasers

1. Ugur Sayilir

2. Asta Raginskaite

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