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Winter Season is here…

Winter season is almost here… Now the wind patterns are changing and from Southwest they blow easterly or north east. The teaching area has been moved to Ladies Mile until the pattern changes again to west winds.

In this time of the season is “the calm before the storm” because after this period the strong winds and big waves will begin.

Make sure your gear is ready for action and your small kites are ready.

And a small advice, if you dont own a surfboard , make sure you get one soon…



September 20, 2013 | NEWS | 2

2 Responses to Winter Season is here…

  1. Indre says:


    We are planning to come December 29 – January 5th to Cyprus with the aim to do kitesurfing.
    What is the best spot to do kitesurf? What about conditions and winds?

    Do you have any recomendation?
    Thanks for respond,
    [email protected]

    • antonis says:

      Hello Indre
      The conditions in cyprus are very good… during the week is windy 3-4 days so you maybe get lucky.
      bring medium size kite and whatever board you like.
      let me know everything you else

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