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Summer season 2015 !

Can you feel it? Are you ready? The free ride 2015 season is here. We are open and excited to take you with us. The waters are calling you!

Kitesurfing in Cyprus couldn’t be better without us taking you though this great experience.

Just bring your energy and we will bring all the rest!

Enrol in April and you will get a 50 euro discount. What are you waiting for?

Its your chance to see what is so exciting and so unique about Kitesurfing!

You are already a pro rider travelling from abroad? Then just take your swimsuit and come to Cyprus, we will rent you all the equipment you will need and we will also offer you support on the beach, Why pay all the extra airline charges when we can rent you a different equipment every day according to your skills and wind conditions?

April 13, 2015 | NEWS | 1

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  1. antonis says:

    interesting kitesurfing in Cyprus

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