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Best time of the year

Kiteboarding Cyprus – Kitesurfing seasons

Isn’t it great to be able to kite all year long as long as you are up to it?

Cyprus weather offers this choice to you! Kitesurfing in Cyprus is possible all year long, you just need a wetsuit and you are good to go. For those wave riders out there it sure would be nice to ride those waves, especially in Curium & Ladies Mile beach during the winter season.

The wind usually is west varying for 17knts up to 23knts and a few days with stronger winds. In December and January we get east winds so that takes us to a spot called “Ladies Mile” that is exposed to the east.

During the winter period the strong winds and big waves are showing off so make sure your equipment is ready for action and that you have small kites. You can always rent the appropriate kite size from our school and we highly recommend for you to rent a surfboard so that you can actually Kite-Surf those conditions!

Don’t forget to eat well before each session, use sun cream (summer or winter) and always do some stretching before going in the water, especially in the winter period.

November 6, 2015 | NEWS | 1

One Response to Best time of the year

  1. ANDY MARSHALL says:

    I would like to complete a level 1-3 course over 3 days from 20- 22 November 2016 . I will be staying with friends in Limassol for the 3 days
    do you run any courses or tuition during this time ?
    my mobile is : 0044 7771 807503
    Andy Marshall

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