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Why your next kitesurfing trip should be in Cyprus.

Kitesurfing by itself is a fascinating sport! Imagine taking that & kicking it up a notch and kitesurf in an amazing island such as Cyprus?

What else can you look for than ongoing favorable wind conditions all summer long, great temperatures in & out of the beach, a shining sun on top of you, traditional Cypriot cuisine  and a never-ending nightlife.

Cyprus is an exceptional island where you can have all you can imagine very easily & relatively cheaply also.

Especially if you book your vacations early ahead you can get great packages deals.

Ryanair and Easyjet have daily flights from all the major cities in Europe with very competitive prices.

It’s the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean & it covers an area of 9250 square kilometers. It is very much worth it to hire a car and explore the island & its towns.

This will come handy also for you to get to all the kitesurfing spots around the island.

People are so friendly that you will feel like you have found some old, long time no see, loving friends.

After kitesurfing in Cyprus we guarantee that as soon as you go back home you will want to book your next trip to the island as soon as possible.

And we will be right here waiting for you to make this happen, again & again…

May 2, 2015 | NEWS | 4

4 Responses to Why your next kitesurfing trip should be in Cyprus.

  1. antonis says:

    Ne hello….

  2. gidi Lederer says:


    We plan (4 persons) one week in Cyprus,
    Pls. let me know:
    Is your area also good for Wavesurfing?
    Do you have Kitesurfing courses in Aug?
    Please send details
    Thanks in advance
    Gidi Lederer

    Best Regards
    Gidi Lederer

    • antonis says:

      hello Gidi

      yes we have courses in Aug , and very close there is wave surfing nothing serious if you have Bali in mind but it will make your day…
      Please sent me your exact days and how many people want to kite so we are ready for you.

  3. ANDY MARSHALL says:

    Hi- do you rune any courses for 3 days from 19th -22nd November in Limassol/Lady’s mile area?
    i would like to complete about 10 hours of tuition level 1-3 ?

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