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What we do

We professionally repair kitesurfing kites, parachutes and windsurfing sails.
We use ripstop fabric which is suitable for water and sports and dacron.

Why the repair is so specialized?
Except the fact that the equipment cost a lot , the major issue here is your safety… Especially with kitesurfing , you are always depended on your kite , so if the repair is not professional many things can go wrong. The sails they have special thread and stitches .

How long it takes for a repair?
Usually it takes from 2-5 days to finish a kite.


Price list for 2015( use this as reference not as actuall)

  • Kite washing /cleaning 10€
  • L.E. Change 30€
  • L.E + all bladders change 50€
  • Tear and thread repairs starting from 30€

Prices do not include spare parts L.E. , bladders, valves

Tips for taking care your kite:

  • Store your kite deflated , dry, in a cool place not above 25 degrees and not directly exposed to the sun.
  • Always wash your lines, harness and board and the kite if you crashed it more than 3 times BUT let it dry before saving.
  • Oil all metals on bar and pulleys system and open all valves on kite
  • Harnesses with clicker bar need special cleaning.
  • Check the screws on your boards regularly.

For more info call:+357  96741085